Hon. Beverley McLachlin

Canada's First Female Chief Justice and Award-Winning Author

Diversity & Inclusion, Inspirational Stories, Leadership

Speaker Bio

The Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin is an icon. Full stop. There's no other way to describe the small-town girl from Alberta who grew up to become the first woman and longest serving Chief Justice of Canada. If you're lucky enough to see her speak, you'll hear a thoughtful reflection on her rich, wide-ranging career and her time as Chief Justice (which she calls the "centrepiece of her life"). You'll marvel at her deep knowledge of so many hot-button issues—from mental health to diversity to politics to the justice system and beyond. You'll love how bold she is; how unafraid to dig into the challenges Canadians are facing right now. And above all, you'll walk away with that buzzing feeling you get when you know you just witnessed something very, very special.

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