Virtual Events Are Here To Stay!

These are three simple and effective ways to help your virtual keynote stand out.

Cut down the amount of time you are actually speaking for. The ideal amount of time you should be presenting is 25-30 minutes. Use the remaining amount of time to engage and interact with your audience.

✅ Opt for a live session over a pre-recorded one. A pre-recorded session feels a little too polished and over-rehearsed. I've heard attendees tell me that they feel like they are just watching a TV show. A live session just feels way more authentic and allows for a speaker to connect with their audience.

✅ Invest! Have your home office feel as though you are on an actual stage. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars, but proper lighting, audio, background all make a huge difference.

#eventprofs - keep these in mind when searching for your next keynote.

And if you're a #speaker hopefully these are some simple and easy ways you can work toward enhancing your next presentation.