Francesca Gino

Author of Sidetracked & Rebel Talent, Behavioural Scientist, HBS Professor

Business, Change Management, Consumer Trends, Culture, Education

Speaker Bio

Gino’s research focuses on judgment and decision-making, negotiation, ethics, motivation, productivity, and creativity. She has studied how irrelevant factors and hidden influences can have profound consequences on decision-making and behaviour, often diverting us from our original plans and desires. And she has spent over a decade identifying and studying rebels in organizations worldwide, arguing that the cultivation of rebel talent plays a key role in how businesses evolve and prosper in the face of fierce competition, and turbulent times. She also asserts that rebellion has an added benefit beyond the workplace, leading to a more vital, engaged, and fulfilling life. Rebels, with their uncoventional outlooks, are among those who change the world for the better. By defying the status quo, they are masters of innovation and reinvention.

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