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Spoken Artists is the brainchild of Petar Josic. He’s represented some of the world's most acclaimed leaders in business, media, sports, music, and culture, having booked over 5,000 speaking engagements. His unique competitive advantage comes from having spent a decade in the speaking event industry. The expertise he has in this field means Spoken Artists has the necessary grounding to make your experience productive and stress-free. He can also tailor the perfect speaker to your needs, working to a brief to find someone from his diverse stable of personalities that are suited to you. 

There’s a certain magic when you simply listen to an interesting person talk, and Spoken Artists want to make that a reality for our clients. 

Petar’s incredible keynote speakers push boundaries and never compromise. They can unite a room in shared fascination over their chosen topic, from politics and art to science and a life lived on the edge.

Spoken Artists offer excellent communication, attention to detail, and unparalleled service to the event planners we work with and are a seamless link to the speakers we represent. Put simply, Spoken Artists are an old head on young shoulders. We fuse the vast knowledge Petar has acquired from years of experience with the energy and enthusiasm of a new company. 

Petar Josic